A Grand Design

Recognise this? This stunning property in Bath was featured in an episode of C4’s Grand Designs a few years ago. Since the show, the property has matured and really settled in to its surroundings, no longer looking so out of place in the historical city.  

Techno homes

Homes are getting smarter. Not just more eco-friendly, but more intuitive, responsive and forward thinking. Like a work of science fiction, you can now purchase property that allows you to control temperature, windows, lights, and even your oven, not just from a computerised main system within the home, but from your iPad too.

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A room with a view

With summer just around the corner those of us who are currently house hunting will no doubt be drawn to consider what outside attractions any prospective property can offer.

A south facing garden, patio space for a barbeque, or attractive decking are requests we often get from house hunters looking to optimise outside space, but how about expecting a little more?

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Growing Green

Although gardening is not usually a trigger for heated delandscaped gardenbate, this year’s Chelsea Flower Show has created somewhat of a divide among the horticultural community.

With some critics citing that more emphasis has been placed on buildings and quirky gimmicks than actual plants and flowers, there is clearly a huge passion among us Brits when it comes to this supposedly relaxing hobby.

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Don’t let your energy costs spiral out of control

With the recent news about the increased cost of living in the UK, there has never been a better time to make sure that you are getting the most out of your current energy provider. At a time when everyone is feeling the squeeze, switching your gas and electricity provider could see a reduction in the cost of your annual bills, leaving you more in your pocket for other essentials.

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Ask the experts at National Property Showcase

National property showcase 2011If you’re looking for some expert property advice, make sure you don’t miss the National Property Showcase today at the Millennium Mayfair, Grosvenor Square, London. From 12pm-8pm we’ll have experts on hand to offer help you whether you are buying, selling, renting or letting, as well as the opporutnity to take part in a live property auction and see details of thousands of properties from accross the country.

If you can’t make it to the London event, you can always take part by tweeting your questions to @Propertywide, and we’ll make sure an expert is on hand to answer them for you.

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Don’t risk it – fix it! Keep your monthly mortgage payments static and combat the impact of rising inflation

The news this week that inflation rose to its highest level since autumn 2008 in April could scare many home-owners.  With weekly financial outgoings at a high, many of us are feeling the pinch in our pockets.  Food, gas, electricity and petrol costs are putting a squeeze on many family budgets and it is more important than ever for individuals to prioritise weekly outgoings, and distinguish between ‘must haves’ and those ever tempting ‘nice to haves’.

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New Build Properties – the right choice for the modern day eco-warrior

There’s no denying we all want to do our bit for the environment, but let’s face it, with families to run, jobs to hold down and social lives to enjoy, few of us have time to protest ‘swampy style’, or become completely self sufficient.  These days it’s all about ‘doing your bit’, and with buildings being responsible for around 40% of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions, the type of property you choose to live in can make a big difference. 

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Your friends will be well ‘Jel’!

You’ve got your lips glossed, lashes lacquered and hair extended. Your threads are looking hot and you’re feeling ‘reem’, you’re ready to embark on the ultimate house hunt – Essex style. Our favourite air-heads from ‘The Only Way is Essex’ may be more interested in Botox and boob jobs than property purchases, but any self … Read more