Are you a ‘Positive Tenant’?

Yesterday’s press release from Countrywide entitled ‘UK rental market surges as buyers continue to face barriers’ is spot on with industry opinion. It is clear in its conclusion that today’s buoyant rental market is significantly bolstered by first time buyers’ difficulty in securing mortgage finance. However, we’re intrigued to hear from tenants themselves. Are affordability constraints really the only reason tenants rent, or are there more positive forces at work?

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Splash Out

Well, this weekend certainly was a scorcher and some pundits were even speculating that this Sunday was the hottest since records began. Quite frankly who cares, it was hot hot hot and if there’s one thing us Brits like to do, it’s make the most of the sunshine. The only thing needed to make it a perfect summer is the chance to beat the heat and dive into a gloriously cool swimming pool.

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The Great British Summer: Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival
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Since 1970, revellers have been drawn to the fields of Worthy Farm the weekend after summer solstice to soak up contemporary music and performing arts at the world renowned Glastonbury Festival. As the festival kicks off today, pundits are watching the skies and the weather forecasts carefully, praying that we don’t have a wash out after last year’s heat wave. Glastonbury is the biggest festival of its kind in the world, bringing together almost 200,000 people to enjoy 800 live performances!

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City Living v Suburban Comforts– Part 1: Urbanites Rule

With more than 20 towns across the UK having applied for “city” status this year, it is obvious that the ‘city’ label still holds great prominence in the UK. For some, the kudos having of a home situated within a certified city’s limits is the only way to live.  These urbanites enjoy the cut and thrust of being at the centre of the action and can often be seen to turn green at the mere suggestion of moving to a suburban semi in Surbiton.  However, one person’s central based utopia is another’s urban hell. Although city slickers may get a buzz from constantly rubbing shoulders with everything hip and happening, others believe suburbia’s respectable distance from the bustle of city life make it the new place to be.  So what’s your preference? A modern duplex in the heart of Manchester, or a cosy terrace with a decent garden in Barnet?

Here we look at the best UK city living has to offer:

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Can’t Save, Won’t Save

We are told from an early age to get into the habit of saving a bit of our income each month, but the high cost of living is making this hard to achieve in the current economic climate.

Take a look at some of the reasons why many people fail to save, and how these problems can be best overcome.

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