Hopes for growth

The performance of the UK economy in 2017 can be classed as decent, but unspectacular. Economic conditions will be challenging over the next three years too as uncertainty over Brexit still looms large and economic growth (GDP) is likely to slow over the next 12 months. But the low Sterling exchange rate combined with global … Read more

Crossrail House Price Hotspots

After two decades of planning and nine years of building work, 2018 is the year that Crossrail finally opens. The first train is not due to run on new track until December but the new links have already become engrained in the London housing market.   Homeowners along the route have seen the value of … Read more

Where do London leavers go?

Rather than escaping to the country, the majority of those leaving prime areas of London are heading to other suburbs, towns and cities. Just over half (51%) bought a home in a town or suburb, but despite price differences only about a quarter moved to a prime location.   The proportion moving from prime areas … Read more

How far do London leavers go?

As London’s prime areas have spread, so London residents have moved further to find their next home. Back in 2010, 52% of Londoners stayed within a five-mile radius of their old home. This year, that proportion fell to 39%. And, over the same period, more Londoners made a longer distance move.   The proportion of … Read more

Prime London Market Overview

The most exclusive property has delivered the best returns over the long term. Residential property has long been a favoured investment, particularly in the UK. In the last fifteen years, the number of buy-to-let mortgages has increased tenfold as access to finance opened opportunities for more people. Residential property has remained a popular investment despite … Read more

Moves within and into London

A snippet from our Prime Moves Report in partnership with LonRes.   Staying in London Moves within London still outnumber moves outside. Londoners like to stay in their city – especially in the prime areas. Overall 58% of Londoners stay in the city, but in prime London 63% stay put and three quarters of them … Read more

The Life of Prime

Just what is prime?   What prime markets are and where they are located can be subjective. We have defined prime markets across all parts of the country according to a set of objective measures.* We identify the prime city, country, town and suburbs across Great Britain. And in London, we separate prime central London … Read more