Prime London Market Overview

The most exclusive property has delivered the best returns over the long term. Residential property has long been a favoured investment, particularly in the UK. In the last fifteen years, the number of buy-to-let mortgages has increased tenfold as access to finance opened opportunities for more people. Residential property has remained a popular investment despite … Read more

Moves within and into London

A snippet from our Prime Moves Report in partnership with LonRes.   Staying in London Moves within London still outnumber moves outside. Londoners like to stay in their city – especially in the prime areas. Overall 58% of Londoners stay in the city, but in prime London 63% stay put and three quarters of them … Read more

The Life of Prime

Just what is prime?   What prime markets are and where they are located can be subjective. We have defined prime markets across all parts of the country according to a set of objective measures.* We identify the prime city, country, town and suburbs across Great Britain. And in London, we separate prime central London … Read more

International Buyers returning to Prime Central London

The proportion of prime central London property bought by international buyers increased to its highest level since the EU referendum in Q3 2017. International buyers accounted for 51% purchases in prime central London, up from 44% in Q2 2017. This is the highest proportion since Q3 2016 when 60% of prime central London property was … Read more

Yield achieved by the top 10% of landlords

As house prices have risen faster than rents over the last three years, most landlords have seen their returns squeezed, but many have benefited from capital appreciation. Over the last five years the average landlord saw their yield fall by 0.8% to 5.3%. But landlords haven’t been equally squeezed.  The top 10% of landlords who … Read more

A hole in the chain?

First-time buyer!  Landlord!  Cash buyer!  All music to the ears of sellers – especially those in a hurry to move.  What they all have in common is the ability to break a chain of sellers waiting for buyers to find buyers to complete their purchases.  But rising prices and changes to the taxation of the … Read more

Don’t worry, be happy!

While there’s lots of uncertainty about the future of the economy as the Brexit negotiations rumble on, it seems that consumers are looking on the bright side.  They are continuing to spend, despite the squeeze on their finances from high inflation.   The latest data show an underlying picture of steady growth in retail sales. … Read more

A brief guide to the budget

Overall the Budget was helpful for the housing market, although we could always ask for more. The change in stamp duty lifts the vast majority of first time buyers out of the tax and that will help to encourage more activity in the market. But movers also suffer from the tax and it would have … Read more