International Buyers

International buyers have traditionally seen the UK as a safe haven to invest in property.  They’ve seen prime UK property perform better than many other assets and also property in other major cities across the globe.   International buyers have historically bought in prime central London, but today they’re increasingly looking beyond the most expensive … Read moreInternational Buyers

What does an interest rate rise mean? Five things you need to know

The Bank of England voted to raise rates to 0.5%, up from 0.25%, but this is not the start of a run. Only two more 0.25% increases in rates are expected over the next two years, which would bring the rate to just 1%. This rise in rates will make little difference to the housing … Read moreWhat does an interest rate rise mean? Five things you need to know

Bigger Landlords

Landlords expanding their portfolios, and buying more homes is increasing the size of the rental market. Recent regulatory and tax changes have made it more complicated and more expensive for amateur landlords to enter the sector.  There are 171,000 more homes to rent since 2015, but the number of landlords has fallen by 154,000 in … Read moreBigger Landlords

London tenants fuel rental growth across Southern England

A record 65,000 tenants left London over the last 12 months with 78% continuing to rent The average tenant leaving the capital moves 89 miles with growing numbers going to Midlands and Northern England Average rents rise 1.1% over 12 months driven by growth in the south of the country   Over the last 12 … Read moreLondon tenants fuel rental growth across Southern England

Calm seas, choppy waters, but risk of storms

There is no doubt that the UK will launch into uncharted waters as it leaves EU membership. As it begins to navigate the open seas, there will be some choppy times as consumers and businesses try to assess the implications. Confidence will rise and fall along the way, but assuming a relatively smooth transition, the … Read moreCalm seas, choppy waters, but risk of storms

Inflation? Which Inflation

We all know that inflation is rising – largely because sterling has fallen against other currencies, making imports more expensive.  We import quite a lot so it adds a fair bit to the average inflation rate.  But which inflation rate?  There’s RPI – the retail prices index; CPI the – consumer price index and now … Read moreInflation? Which Inflation

Buying at the top of the market

Just shy of 1.3 million people bought a home in 2007. A decade ago and the top of the last housing market cycle. Very soon after buying, these people saw the value of their home dip to below what they’d paid for it. For most the fall in value was a paper loss as they … Read moreBuying at the top of the market