A speedy spring clean.

cleaning-suppliesThere is a glimmer of spring in the air, the mornings are lighter and the evenings are getting brighter. Now is a great time to review your cleaning regime and refresh your home in time for you to enjoy the spring season.

We all wish that we could spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things that we enjoy. Whether that’s reading a good book, watching your favourite TV programme or spending some quality time with your family and friends.

Cleaning doesn’t need to be the chore that it seems, there are a few simple strategies that can help you make light work of it and give you the time to love living in your home.

Clean as you go

Cleaning isn’t such a big task if you keep on top of things, don’t let dishes pile up in the kitchen sink, put a wash load on every other day, put toys and other bits away after they have been used. It’s all very simple stuff that we all know, but it’s quite easy to forget in the daily hustle and bustle.

Get yourself a little routine

Set a schedule for when you intend on having a clean-up and allot yourself the time. You will find that you will fly through those tasks and be much more efficient than if you were doing things on an ad-hoc basis.


We all love a good plan, or even better a good list. Set aside 5 minutes to think about what tasks you would like to tackle. Go through your cleaning cupboard and get rid of any old products, this will help you spend less time looking for the things that you need.

Recruit your cleaning team

Your house is your home, if you have a family then get them all involved to give you a helping hand. This will get things done much quicker, leaving you all time to enjoy your home and spend time together. It’s a great way for teenagers to earn a bit of extra pocket money too.

Treat yourself to a new cleaning kit

I love having a browse round the cleaning aisles in the supermarket, seeing what new products are out. Anything that makes keeping my home clean a quick and easy task is a bargain in my eyes.

A cleaner that you can use for multiple things are great, antibacterial wipes are ideal for mopping up spills and cleaning floors.

Take a look at your appliances too, a new vacuum cleaner may seem like a big expense but if it saves you time going over the same bit of carpet again and again then it will soon earn its keep.

Have method in your madness

I get laughed at for my cleaning methods, however it works! Start at the door of each room cleaning clockwise from top to bottom. This will help you avoid missing any spots or cleaning the same area twice.

No shoes indoors

Most dirt in your home will be brought in from the outside on your shoes. House guests will happily remove their shoes, add a nice little touch by putting out some slippers for them to put on.