House hunters are taking on a DIY project, to make a home.

home improvementMore home buyers are looking for a project property in need of renovation, rather than a ready-made home.




It is becoming more apparent that new buyers are keener than ever to carry out renovation work and turn their property into their ideal home.


Recent surveys have found that these enthusiastic DIYers are even willing to carry out the work without any professional help!

The top 3 DIY tasks that the nation are happy to have a go at include;

  • Interior decoration, painting walls etc.
  • Replacing flooring
  • Landscaping the garden


The survey highlighted that one in five people were happy to do the bulk of the work themselves, only seeking professional help for electrical or demanding structural work. This has led to a fall in spending on tradesmen by around 15% since 2015.

So why are we so keen to get involved and give it a go?

One of the main reasons for buying a project property is the hope that some renovation work will ultimately boost the property’s value.

A recent survey by Zoopla found that 61% of people will consider how much value improvement work will add to their home before they begin the work. Most buyers will favour improvements such as a new kitchen or bathroom, a loft conversion or adding a conservatory.

Adding an extra bedroom and bathroom onto a property could boost its value by nearly £60,000, an added bonus for a growing family in need of more space, but keen to avoid the high costs of moving.

Buying a property that needs work can be an excellent way of adding value and improving the living space of a home. This passion for DIY is showing no sign of fading, spending on home improvements increased by 13% in 2015, up to £5.8 billion, according to Lloyds Bank.