Make a newly built home your next home

Surveying_Blog_PostAre you looking to make a move? Whether you are already a homeowner or a first time buyer, there are a number of benefits why buying a new build property could be the answer to your next move.



You can chose your dream home

House developers launch a range of properties compromising of an array of different styles to chose from. Some are also offered ‘off plan’, before they are even built. Meaning that you have the time to select your dream home, one that suits your tastes and requirements.

You won’t be stuck in a chain!

Your move can go at a pace that suits you and the house builder, you won’t be relying on other parties within a chain to seal the deal.

Government incentives

The UK government offer a variety of incentives to help buyers purchasing a new build property. These include the Help to Buy mortgage and Help to Buy ISA schemes. The developer can offer incentives of their own too, such as paying your stamp duty or providing deals on the interior finish of the property.

You can make it your own

You can immediately put your own stamp on it, knowing that it is brand new and untouched. If you are able to pick a home off plan then it’s possible you may be able to design a bit of it yourself. From the position of doors, select certain flooring and decoration. You can pick out your dream kitchen and bathroom, appliances and an array of fixtures and fittings.

A design for contemporary living

Whether you are a seasoned buyer or a first time buyer, new builds are beautifully modern homes designed to suit every stage of purchase, taste and budget.

Cheaper to run

New homes are built using modern materials, to the latest specifications. Energy efficiency are highly factored into their design. This means they are generally cheaper when it comes to your energy bills and easier to maintain than older properties.

Safe and secure

You can be rest assured that all the top safety and security measures will be in place with your newly built home. Most building developers will include fire safety measures, top quality locks on doors and windows, outside lighting and alarms.

You will get peace of mind

It’s unlikely that you will need to foot a big bill for any major repairs that need doing in the short term, new build homes typically come with a 10 year National Housing Building Council (NHBC) warranty.