Spring garden projects that will make you want to grab your spade!

Hill HouseNow is the perfect time to get back outside and start your garden preparations, doing a few jobs now will bring an abundance of benefits all year long. Making your outside space more enjoyable and relaxing.

The best part of spring, apart from being able to ditch your heavy winter clothes, is the beautiful colours and flowers that it brings. However big or small your plot is you can always enhance or adapt your space. Even small changes can make an enormous difference in terms of visual appeal and use.

A garden has so many aspects that can keep any one inspired. This spring you could build a homemade fruit cage, start that little vegetable plot or create a secluded sun trap for you to enjoy some sunshine.

Thin out existing vegetation

Start your garden make over with a clearance, trim back or remove any unwanted shrubs or trees that have got too big. Opening up an over grown space will give you new gardening opportunities. Create that desired decking area or that secluded sun trap to enjoy some relaxation in the peace and quiet of your garden.

Get planting

With any new planting, before you start think about how you want your garden to ‘feel’. Would you like something contemporary, traditional or a natural woodland theme. Whatever you choose ensure you pick plants that radiate that look.

When buying your plants, try to pick a variety of flowers and combine them. Avoid buying one of each type, either limit your choices or pop them into a beautiful border and bulk them up with lots of colour.


During spring we tend to get a hot, dry phase, make sure you keep an eye on all your new plants and water them once a week with a good long soak. It’s a good idea to water your garden in the evenings, just after the sun goes down, this will ensure that they don’t burn in the sunshine whilst they are wet.

Create your own vegetable patch

If you have the space, why not start your own vegetable patch. There is nothing more satisfying then producing your own home grown fruit and veg. Start off simple, give it a go and experiment! If you have children, it’s a lovely project for them to get involved and take responsibility for.