The best bits about moving house.

Moving-out-boxesMoving house is a stressful experience. We all prepare ourselves for the worst, we make endless lists of things to do, and try to get ready for all the things that could go wrong!

In between the madness of unpacking and trying to find what box you put the kettle in, there are a few good things you should remember about moving into a new home.


Get those champagne flutes, mugs, tumblers or whatever you find, out! You have the perfect excuse to sit and drink champagne – Cheers!

Not a lot beats the feeling of unpacking that last box – a mini chest bump is most certainly appropriate at this time.

Whether you have children or not, you have the resource to make an epic cardboard fort.

You get to go shopping and but lots of new decorative items – lots of scatter cushions and candles will make it feel much homelier.

If you are a first time buyer, or moving into a rental property for the first time, it is perfectly acceptable to sit in each of your rooms, for however long you like with a cup of tea (or champagne) and just look around. Well done you – this is all yours!

It’s an amazing opportunity to have a good sort out and de-clutter!

You can have a sort through your kitchen bits, all those mix and match mugs, cutlery sets etc. need to go. You have never looked at the Ikea website so much in your life, adding a variety of items to your wish list.

House warming party!

Finding a new cupboard or storage space makes you so happy! You finally have somewhere to put the sandwich toaster that you just can’t part with.

The best of all, once you have all your things unpacked and your new home is looking lived in and presentable (to some extent), you can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief, it’s all over – for now anyway.